Influencer Tips

Get the most out of momfluence

You signed up for momfluence to attract more paid partnerships and grow your influencer business, right? Maybe you dream of leaving your 9-5; maybe you already have and want to take advantage of every tool available to get paid work. Read more

Your profile on momfluence

Your profile both on and off the platform can make sure you are being approached for lots of work with brands that are suitable to your audience.  Read more

Your profile on Instagram

Most brands will check out your account on Instagram to further vet you once they’ve discovered you. Think of your momfluence profile as a resume, and your IG account as the first step in an interview.  Read more

Best practices with your audience

Don’t get confused about who you work for. You collaborate with brands but you work for your audience. They are your customers. They are the ones who dictate where your business will go and give you feedback on a daily basis about what’s working and what’s not.  Read more


Simply, the total number of likes + comments a post has as a % of your following. Engagement used to be the cat’s meow, but brands are wising up to the other metrics that truly measure a campaigns success (saves, shares, sales). Read more


Instead of focussing on engagement, look at reach. Reach is a by-product of engagement and is a much more reliable figure that brands are interested in. Read more


Courage --> Authenticity --> Connection. You are only influential if your audience trusts you and relates to you, so finding the courage to be yourself allows people to resonate and relate to you.   Read more

Bridge the gap

The authenticity gap that is. A really wise man described the authenticity gap, something many influencers know about but just aren’t aware there’s a term coined for it. Read more

Growing your brand

If you have made it so far as to be part of an influencer marketing platform, you’ve done a pretty good job at growing your brand already. But who doesn’t want to keep growing? The sky’s the limit in our digital world and some of the biggest accounts were once exactly where you are right now.  Read more

It's all about the content

Content is where it all starts. Influencers are content creators above everything else. The best content either educates, inspires or entertains the audience. Think about this each time you post.  Read more

Optimizing your posts

Timing When the feed was chronological if your audience missed your in-feed post, there wasn't much of a chance of them seeing it. Read more