Starting out on momfluence

Running a business is an overwhelming amount of work. At the same time, marketing your products/services is essential to achieving growth. Read more

What’s a good budget?

Testing an influencer marketing strategy doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive but it also can’t be tested on a shoestring. It is a numbers game, like most marketing, and you often have to try a few strategies and influencers before finding one that is right for your brand. Read more

Campaign length

We advise against one post campaigns and in fact the entire influencer marketing industry is moving away from this in general. Read more

Campaign Goals

Just like setting your budget ahead of time, you need to be clear about what you are trying to achieve. It sounds obvious but time and time again, influencer campaigns are started with neither the influencer nor the brand knowing exactly what the optimal results are. Read more

Monetary Compensation

The rate for an influencer varies from project to project, based on the compensation provided in terms of the product and what deliverables are required. Read more

Creating your best campaign brief

Crafting a detailed & thorough campaign brief is incredibly important because it outlines the campaign from start to finish and ensures both sides understand the objectives in addition to the do’s & don’ts. Read more

Goal setting

Influencer marketing can be an amazing tool to grow your business, but you have to be clear about what you are trying to achieve. Read more

Get to know your content options

Influencers are also known as content creators, which we think is a very succinct description of what they do. They literally create content from thin air, which is why we are always in awe of their creativity and ability to execute their visions. Read more

Measuring Success

Knowing your goals is one thing, but figuring out how to measure them can be a bit more complicated. First you need to determine what values to measure and secondly how to put a value on something that can be intangible, such as a newsletter sign up. Read more

Rule of 7

Do you know about The Rule of 7?⁣ Read more