Oh hey.

Who we are:

We are Melanie and Chelsea, two Moms from Toronto. We have known each other since high school (Chelsea dated Melanie’s cousin) and have worked together in other ways before launching momfluence. We both have two sons, and are entrepreneurial but in completely opposite ways; Mel is artistic and creative and I (Chelsea) am the classic type A, however we compliment each other perfectly. I owned a successful raw vegan restaurant chain (and one of Mel’s favourite restaurants!), and Mel is a designer and style influencer (@melo_and_co). We both share a passion for building brands, as well as yummy vegan food.

What we do:

In short, we help brands grow by connecting them to Moms who have digital influence. Our platform is built to make Influencer Marketing easier and more profitable for brands, while also making it easier for influencers and content creators to get hired for amazing campaigns.

Marketing your brand is a big task. We know that if you’re not familiar with influencer marketing, it can be a lot to learn, and even if you are familiar, it eats up a lot of time lining up collaborations and ensuring they go smoothly and result in profitability. That’s why we are making it simpler for you by guiding you through the steps of building your campaign brief, helping you find the right influencers with search options to filter your choices, easy to use campaign management tools, and post-campaign analytics to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing.

We make it a breezeĀ  to manage your entire influencer marketing process, across multiple channels and ensure that both sides of the collaboration are happy. We like to think of ourselves as the middle man (in our case woman), the behind the scenes people making sure great content goes off with out a hitch.

Why we do it:

We are passionate about brand building and influencer marketing. We love helping brands grow their business, reach their customer niche, buildĀ  community, and of course, make more money! Social media has so much power to create, nurture and grow a new or existing business, and we want to help people make use of it.

We know that businesses benefit hugely when they collaborate with the right Momfluencer, because as everyone knows, Moms trust other Moms. We get excited about the synergy that can exist when the right relationship is cultivated. Creating momfluence.co has been a process of building a community of Moms who support each other’s entrepreneurial dreams so that we can all do what we love, and make a living at it.